So, after a week in which I worked the best part of 60 hours in 5 days, I foolishly went to Judder, to see if I could kill myself with lack of sleep.

Figuring that I'd be hard pressed to dance in that state, I took my camera with me... Collapse )
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Cheese Rolling!

So we went to watch the insane Gloucestershire tradition of Cheese Rolling at the weekend. Many insane people throwing themselves down a near vertical hill, in pursuit of a cheese worth far less than the cost of their ensuing medical bills.

I've not really had chance to assess the stuff I took properly, but since I figured people would rather see them sooner than later, here's the first cut with just the really out of focus ones removed.

I took some photos of the main event, and for those that know him, the mighty Lee Chaos descending the hill

I was particularly impressed with the crazy Japanese comedian attempting cheeserolling as part of his TV show. He performed this in a style that only the nation that brought you Endurance and Takeshi's Castle could manage :)

In case you're not Radio 4 listeners

Tonight's half hour of comedy genius was by Mark Thomas, explaining how he'd creatively used the restrictions against demonstrations in front of the houses of Parliament.

He's still one of the best political comedians going, I used to love his stuff on Channel 4, and this is much in the same vein.

If you can bear to live through the hell of Real Player, then you may Listen Again.


Normality is restored

I have interwebs at home now again, after a good month or so without, plus being too busy at work to catch up on LJ - if there's anything important I've missed, comment until I pay attention.

Oh, and I've grown my beard back. By the time even my sister went 'ARGH! GROW IT BACK', it rather had to be done. And to be honest, I prefer myself with it too anyhow :)

Synthehol is here

Scientists have created a drug that mimics the 'good' effects of alchohol without the hangover

Interesting bit of research (found via OmniBrain), but the bit I find really interesting is the ethical reponses to this, and the discussion of how such a drug would be legislated - it's liable to be much more strictly controlled than alchohol, although it doesn't have such catastrophic health effects (at least as far as they know yet :)), which does really hilight how something like alchohol really does get away with a lot compared to drugs with similar (or in this case identical) effects, legislationwise.

The prospect of being able to instantly sober up does seem attractive, as does the exactitude of dosage, meaning you could aim for an appropriate level of inebriation accurately.

Of course the downside would be that all of the social troubles with drunkeness are still there, plus no clue as to whether the long term effects give you cancer or something of the sort.

So, if it was legal, would you take it? If you were a non-drinker would you take it? If you didn't 'do drugs' would you take it? :)

Photo update

I've been horribly horribly ridiculously busy since I got back from Whitby, what with work, looking for cars and hospital appointments, so I've not had chance to sit down and do much with all the photos I took at Whitby (and before).

I've finally found a few mins to get on with it, so here's the first batch.

Firstly some wandering zombies I found before Judder.

Secondly some of the weird and wonderful people to be found at the Spa on Friday at Whitby.

I'll be updating with the band photos from Friday, and the other days too as soon as I find the time.
Evil Glee


Had an absolutely fabulous time at Whitby, met many fabulous and photogenic people, took many many photos, and generally had a really fun time. All the more impressive in that I was sober for the entire thing :)

Was really cool to put some faces to names I've only known online previously, and catch up with many of the netgoths who frequent my website and irc server.

I've returned to work to find 164217634981273418923749812 emails waiting for me, and thus am a *tad* busy. Will be getting the photos online in the next few days, and catching up with the huge backlog of friends posts, and adding all the cool new people I met over the weekend.

Phew! :)